Monday, February 6, 2017

Carly, Christmas and Peppa Pig

I know it's February but this is a story I have to tell. Not only for Hope, but to ensure you that in everyone there is someone.

As Christmas 2016 rolled around it was time for Carly to pick out gifts at her school. As with all the kids, she got to go to Santa's workshop to pick her family out gifts. As she was wheeled around the "store" her teacher picked out a few things that she thought Carly may like for her two siblings and parents. She picked up two items, showed them to Carly and whichever one she showed interest she kept. Keeping the one she had interest in she picked up another gift to make certain it was what Carly wanted for her family and each time she went to the same gift.

As we all opened our gifts at Christmas Amy and I sat in amazement and joy. Carly had picked out a basketball for her brother and a Peppa Pig stuffed character for her sister. Why is this amazing? I'm glad you asked.

It just so happens Colton was playing on a basketball team for the very first time and that is all he talked about around Christmas. And the gift that amazed me the most? Peppa Pig. No way for her teacher to even think for one second her sister watches that cartoon yet she picked one out. Why did she pick it out? Simple. Carly and her sister watched Peppa Pig every night before bedtime as they lay side-by-side.

This was definitely a life event for me. While driving home one night, I parked my truck, went into the bedroom where Amy was and I balled my eyes out. Cried for at least 5 minutes. This was God letting me know there was a girl inside that broken body.  A girl wanting to play with her siblings. A little girl wanting to bake cookies with her mom and have a tea party with her daddy. But she can't. A disorder stole that from her. Her body and brain won't let her do those "typical" kid things. But that same disorder didn't steal her love for her family.

I tell you this so that you will know the next time you see a child or adult in a wheelchair, non-verbal, making noises, clapping their hands together, wearing diapers and you think to yourself they are worthless...Stop. There is someone in everyone. Everyone doesn't look the same as you. They don't communicate the way you do. They don't believe everything you do. But I promise they LOVE the same way you do, all you have to do is love them back.

God Strong.

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  1. My hearts warms and tears fall every time I read your stories!! You are such an inspirational voice for Carly!! Love you and your sweet family!! <3