Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not just for Children: Adults seeing success with CBD Oil in Alabama

A 58 year old Hoover, AL man has been living with intractable Epilepsy for almost half his life. For 25 years he has been trapped. Trapped by seizures. Not only did it affect him,  it affected his family. He tried several experimental treatments that had life altering affects. It wasn't until he was able to use CBD Oil via Carly's Law and UAB did his life change. He has gone from having four seizures per day to only one every two weeks.

Here is what his daughters posted on FB:
"For the first time in 58 years my father has a normal life"
 "I think the most amazing detail of this was waking up to see Dad crying tears of joy from being able to physically dream again and restore lost memories"  

Not much more I can add to those powerful statements.

When it is time to take another step forward, in the use of Cannabis Oil as medicine, I pray our lawmakers, state and federal, will read and remember what his daughters said about their Dad.

God Strong.