Thursday, October 22, 2015

Doctor's Agree with Parents,CBD is working

I'm often asked if I know any one else who is seeing positive results from taking CBD Oil. I always tell them I know some it's been helping and some it has not. But take it from a doctor if CBD Oil is effective at seizure control for those taking CBD.

"I am surprised at how good of a response we're seeing" - Dr. Jerzy Szaflarski, UAB

Are we still going to deny access of this medicine to more people? Are we still going to restrict doctors from looking at this treatment for more disorders? Are we going to allow lawmakers to tell parents and doctors how to treat their child or patient when everything else has failed?

The answers are up to you and me.

God Strong.

Link to full story by Fox6 News Melanie Posey here:


  1. I'm so very excited with the results you are sharing! Thank you brave Carly!

  2. Our lawmakers needs to read your blog. Its time for them to approve medical Marijuana and dtop being bought by the pharmaceutical companies. This should be our rights as parents and individuals to try anything that would help our disease.

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