Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keep the Faith and Don't Sink

I stood in the driveway throwing a ball back and forth to Colton. I kept reminding him when he didn't catch one, he was taking his eye off the ball. After about four more catches, he dropped one. He quickly ran to retrieve the ball and said while he was running, "I took my eye off the ball like Peter." Not hearing him clearly the first time I asked him what he said. He looked at me and said "like Peter." Honestly it took me a minute and before I could figure out what he was telling me he said "you know, when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus". He was referring to Matthew 14:22-33 when Peter let his faith wane and started to sink in the water. I strongly feel God was talking to me. I haven't lost Faith but maybe God was reminding me to keep it.

I tell this story to try and remind all of the special needs fathers and/or parents out there, including myself, to have Faith. Our children are suffering and it sucks, no doubt about it. It's hard to find anyone able to relate to the heartache you feel at any given point during the day. However, don't give up. Do not under any circumstance fail the small and big tests of Faith. Faith is the gasoline for your daily fire. Faith is knowing God's got this, we just have to find a way to keep our inner struggles to a minimum while living life to His maximum.

Don't sink in the deep rough waters of Special Needs Parenthood. Keep the Faith.

God Strong.

**Full Disclosure: I had to go re-read Matthew to get the full context on what Jesus was telling Peter. Yes, I forgot. Pastor isn't in front of my last name. :)

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