Thursday, May 14, 2015

CBD Update - Two Week Visit

Two Week Checkup:
Dr. Bebin said "since the first time I examined Carly, she seems more alert" at this visit.  This confirms what I've thought for the last two weeks. Her eyes are a lot calmer,under control and she is more alert, no question. The best way to describe about her eyes is that I see more of the brown in her eyes than white. Previously I would see more white than brown. This has been consistent for two weeks. She is looking more straight ahead than from the side. I think Carly is seeing more of the life in front of her than she ever has. I can't tell you how seeing more of her eye color makes such an emotional impact on me personally. It seems I can "connect" with her as daddy. Very powerful.

I asked her school today if they could tell any difference in Carly. Two assistants said they thought the same thing about her eyes and they mentioned her arms were not as active while feeding.

Carly has had minimal, if any, myoclonic jerks since taking CBD. Prior to taking CBD she was having upwards of 100-200 per day. Prior to CBD, I would see at least 4-5 jerks while feeding Carly at any given sitting. The last several times? Zero. CBD is controlling her seizures at this point. As we all know, this could change at any second.

Carly still has good nights and bad nights. Although she seems to have had more good nights falling asleep than bad ones. Again, her sleep patterns have never been consistent. I do not think CBD has had a positive or negative impact on her sleep at this time.

Overall Mood:
Carly has been very happy. She is not sluggish or "zonked out" during the day.

Drug Interactions:

Current AEDs:


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Continued good thoughts throughout the rest of the CBD trial

  2. My son is also a patient of Dr. Bebin's. We are blessed to have her in our life. I hope everything continues to move forward in a positive manner for your family. Prayers from our family to yours.

    1. Thank you Molle. I pray for your family and son too. God Bless.