Saturday, May 2, 2015

6 doses

It's been 6 low doses of CBD Oil for Carly since Wednesday. So far everything is steady. She seems to be having less Myoclonic jerks. "Jerks" occur when her entire brain is "shocked" at one time causing her to jump.  We are keeping track in a journal so it will be easier to tell in a couple of weeks or more if I am dreaming this or it's true.

Her teacher said she seemed more calm during her day at school(after three doses). Carly has a tendency to shake both hands really, really fast at the same time near her head. So for her teacher to mention this is kind of a big deal.

Sleep pattern is about the same though she seems to be falling to sleep better.

I wanted to get an update out quickly. I think we will begin to see changes in seizure pattern, if any, after two to four weeks. I hope to see cognitive improvement at some point too.

God Strong.

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